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Loyal Woods Co., Ltd, located in Dongguan, China, was created in the 1990s as a subsidiary of the prominent Loyal Group. Loyal Woods serves Asia as one of the largest producers, distributors and traders of natural wood products. Loyal Woods’ sophisticated technology and advanced, comprehensive service; which includes the production and sale of ornamental panels, natural veneer, veneer splicing, and logs, has created an extensive distribution network. Our 300+ customers rely on Loyal Woods for quality products that are routinely used in fine furniture manufacturing, interior decorations, panels, doors, yacht interiors, and various wood based products around the world.

Loyal Woods has established branches and offices in the U.S., Hong Kong and Vietnam, Loyal Woods overseas businesses expands over 80 countries in the world. Seven large and professional veneer sales offices and warehouses were founded in Dongguan,and Shanghai,spreading a global sales network customer service.

World-class log procurement

Loyal Woods has its own log procurement organization in the U.S., which has rich experiences in purchase and great advantages. The office has large quantity of purchase networks in North America and has established long-term cooperation relationship with the forest owners and loggers which has secured our advantage in resource supply. The Company also maintains excellent trading relationship with peers in Europe which will facilitate the supply of European and African woods. Plans to manufacture and export the veneer which make full use of the sources in Far East Area of Russia in cooperation with major forestry companies in northeast China is being carried out.

World-class experts

To ensure high quality log supply, Loyal Woods has built a professional purchase team and specially appointed Mr. Marvin Glover, a world class veneer professional to lead the operations of procurement. The buyer’s focal point is targeted at particular species of expertise to provide the most dependable grade for each.

World-class equipment
Top wood Industries rely on capital and talent, with requirements for high performance equipment and high caliber professionals. Supported by the immense raw wood resources, only the high-end, advanced manufacturing facilities and professional technicians are able to meet the requirements for producing world class wood veneer at such large scale. Utilizing its finance strength, the company imported 6 high speed production lines from America, France and German which represent the highest level of technology in the world, including 3 high speed rotary slicer and 3 vertical slicers, 4 vacuum dryers, with an annual output of 40 million square meters of wood veneers.

World class wood veneer brand
Masterpiece is the famous natural wood veneer brand of Loyal Woods. With the support of the world class equipment, raw materials and production quality, and the principle of masterpiece work of nature to create an outstanding brand, Masterpiece has become a world famous brand as one of the high grade natural wood veneer manufacturers.

World-class operation

With the goal of being the world class natural wood veneer manufacturer, Loyal Woods actively cooperates with other peers in the world, with its business covering all over Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia. The Company has established branches and offices in the U.S., Hong Kong and Europe, and its business expands over 80 countries. The company provides comprehensive services to our customers including log trading, veneer selling, custom cutting and processing of ornamental panels


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Loyal Woods
Address: Nange Industrial Park, Daojiao Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
+86 0769 88331338
+86 0769 88331339
Four Sales Division

Sales Division of Dong Guan:

Address: No.17-26, B-2 Districtin ,Dong Fang Xing Ye Wood Market, Houjie Town, Dongguan
Tel: +86 769 81715986                             Fax:+86 769 81715986            


Sales Division in Shang Hai:

Address:No.1No. 202-203, 12 building two, East Xingye City, 1188 Wai Tong Street, Jiashan County,    Tel:+86 0573 84649916/84059916
Fax:+86 0573 84649919


Sales Division of Zhong Cheng:

Address: No.E1, 25 Districtin,Dong Fang Xing Ye Wood Market, Houjie Town, Dongguan    Tel:+86 769 85594788
Fax:+86 769 85594788


Sales Division of Shang Sheng :

Address: No.B2,25 Districtin ,Dong Fang Xing Ye Wood Market, Houjie Town, Dongguan                             Tel:+86 769 85580002
Fax:+86 769 85580003
Corporate culture

Good operation, healthy management and happy culture
Loyal Woods holds on an enterprise spirit of “specializing in natural veneer and being the model in woods industry”, and always believes in a business motto of being honest and faithful as well as a sustainable business principle of “good operation, healthy management and happy culture”. To create a happy corporate culture, integrate the scientific and humanized management into the value of the corporate culture, and to form a healthy value of price and ethics, Loyal Woods is one of the earliest enterprises in the wood industry that has gained ISO 9001:2000 international quality management system certification.

【Good operation】
The Company holds on business principle of harmony and win-win and always believes in a business motto of being honest and faithful. Through 10 years’ development, the Company has built a good reputation in the industry. The good operation has brought great achievements to the Loyal Woods. Depending on our high efficient and well management staff and based on the long-term business strategy and planning, we have been changing and improving ourselves to satisfy the needs of the development of the market, and make fully use of our large scale production, thus to achieve a constant growth and development.

【Healthy management】
Loyal Woods has been making efforts on standardizing enterprise management system. It is the earliest enterprise in the industry that has gained ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification. Standard management system, strict rules for reward and punishment has formed an effective motivation mechanism. The various training, development and utility mechanism of human resources, well regulated and safety production management which make all employees respect and abide by the management system.

【Happy culture】
Loyal Woods is people oriented and uses talented people, and takes “cultivation, encouragement and respect” as the orientation of the value of the corporate culture, so that to show the value of every person while realizing the value of the enterprise. At work, the Company advocates all employees to cooperate with each other at work and customizes the personal training and development plan for each employee; in life, the Company provides to all employees a warm homelike culture. The Company has established a culture and entertainment place named Home of Employees for the employees, where there are multimedia cinema, library, basketball court, badminton court, table tennis, etc. The Company carries out cultural activities at weekends from time to time and publishes publication of the enterprise to show the charms of the employees from different angles; the sports games, cultural and entertainment activities, outdoor practices and travels are carried in and between each department from time to time.

Staff Training Field Training Beijing Tour of
Ten Years Employees
Outward Bound Training
Amateur Basketball Game Field Training Camp Spring Festival Gala Excellent Performance
Definition of LOGO:

The LOGO is derived from the Chinese character “中”. Based on the original LOGO of Loyal Group, the modern design principle and visual esthetics have been added into the LOGO, with generous shape and steady color, representing that Loyal Woods will keep up with the times and try its best to become a world top grace enterprise leading the field.

Definition of brand:

The lively and smooth line constitute the first letter “M”, representing the extended wood plate after cutting of the raw-wood and emphasizing the liveliness of the product in the market. With the read color and lively shape, the LOGO gives out a powerful diffusivity and high flexible extendibility. It also represents the powerful life force of the brand.

Masterpiece has the meaning of “outstanding work”. It consists of two words, master and piece. The wood veneers of our Company are selected from high quality woods and manufactured through the world top grade processing technology. The combination image of the LOGO reflects the meaning of the product and its name and features.

The brand of Masterpiece
Masterpiece, the “outstanding work of the nature”. The materials of Masterpiece products are selected from quality natural woods thus the outstanding products are made. With the brand principle of “nature and harmony” and the value orientation of “improvement and win-win”, Masterpiece products have been holding the tenet of nature, green and environment protection in each aspect as well as the principle of “nature is beauty”. Relying on the world class material selection, combining the prime of the raw-woods, depending on the world class equipment and production technology, fully making use of the natural quality of the raw-wood, and taking the international quality management standard as the processing standard, the high quality natural wood veneer products have been manufactured to satisfy the needs of the people in housing and decoration.

Flagship Store Outdoor Advertising Cologne Fair, Germany Vehicle Advertisement

It is the constant goal of every employee of Loyal Woods to continue developing this world top grade natural veneer enterprise and make it bigger and stronger day by day. In order to achieve the goal, Loyal Woods emphasizes the sustainable development and tries to be an enterprise with social accountability. Each raw-wood of Loyal Woods is purchased according to law. We never purchase any raw-woods from illegally felled forest or any GOM raw-woods. The principle of “green, low-carbon and environment protection” is applied in each sector of production of Loyal Woods, and reduction of emission and pollution have been implemented in each detail from production, processing and circulating of the wood veneers to laminated board and match board, thus Loyal Woods has been awarded the certificate of “China Environmental Labeling” of the state and the FSC certified enterprise by Global Forest Administrative Commission.

To be specialized in improving the comprehensive utility rate of the natural wood resources and making the utility of forest resources more scientific and reasonable; Loyal Woods promises to carry out low-carbon policy and bring green to the land to improve people’s life quality and benefit our later generations.

 FSC Certificate

FSC is an independent non-profit and non-governmental organization. Its mission is to advocate a forest operation that is responsible to environment, benefit to society and economical feasible through establishing forest operation principles and standards that are widely accepted. FSC is constituted by the representatives from the environment protection organizations, wood trading associations, forestry departments of government, local citizen organizations, social forestry groups and wood products certification authorities from more than 70 countries in the world. The international center of FSC was originally located in Oaxaca City, the provincial capital of the state of Oaxaca of Mexico, and then moved to Bonn of Germany in February 2003. At present FSC is a mature and complete forest certificate system.
The main tasks of FSC are: to evaluate, authorize and supervise certification bodies and provide guidance and service in establishing national and regional certificate standards; to improve ability of national forest certificate and sustainable operation of forest through carrying out educational trainings and promotion activities.


FSC Certificate Holder
China Green Label Products Certificate Holder China's environmental protection product certification UKAS Certificate Holder ISO 9001 Certified Quality System

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